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ShrevePets User Guide

First, do a general search for your pet (lost or found) before posting.  This will help eliminate double postings and shortening times a pet may be lost
When posting, make sure you are under the correct listing; Lost if you are looking for your pet, Found if you have someone else's to return, or Free if you have a pet to offer to a good home.
If lost, be very thorough in your description.
eg. Black with white spot in center of back, short hair. Last seen at 123 Easy Street. Answers to "Scruffy". Loves bones!
If found, give good description, but leave out small details to help verify owners.
eg. Black with white spot. (Ask callers for location of spot)
And ask for further verification (photo, etc.) before turning over pet. Like it or not, some unscrupulous people collect strays for the wrong reasons
Helping Lost Pets Find Their Way Home